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Specializing in Gourmet Garlic and Vegetables
Grown Without Pesticides



We have had tremendous support for our CSA over the years and this year, especially.  We survive on word-of-mouth and that keeps our business thriving.  For 2022 we're changing things up a bit!  We will have more of a Farmer's Market approach on Wednesdays (4:00-6:00pm) out of our barn for vegetables.  We also are offering a membership for discounts and special offers for $100.  Feel free to contact us to be added to our distribution list.


Please join us on our journey of creating a family farm to produce high quality pesticide-free vegetables for local consumers - Mike and Janice

Here's what we care about:

  • Healthy  Pesticide free vegetables without preservatives and whatever else gets added by big commercial companies.

  • Earth Friendly.  Vegetables shouldn't need to travel more than 10 miles from ground to your kitchen.

  • Freshness  We want vegetables to go from the plant to your hands within hours.  We don't have a facility to store a lot of vegetables for long periods of time and we're good with that!

  • Community  We love visiting and getting to know our customers and neighbors.  We also love working with volunteers and occasionally helping younger gardens learn the importance of growing your own produce.

  • The Little Things that Matter.  As a general rule, we present clean, nice looking vegetables.  But Mother Nature isn't perfect and we believe taste and health is what matters.  When you visit our farm, you'll see weeds.  But you'll also see bees and worms and rabbits and deer and (unfortunately) racoons.  When you get our produce, you might see imperfections, but you won't think twice when you taste it!  We believe in being up front and honest and selling at a fair price to encourage everyone to eat healthy and eat local.  

Brussels Sprouts

Farm Wednesdays

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