Four CatsFarm

Established 2017 in Rochester, Minnesota

As a family run farm, Mike and Janice have been fine tuning their vegetable gardens since purchasing their first family home and garden in 1998. 

Mike grew up on a dairy farm in Spearfish, South Dakota where he learned how to grow, harvest, and sell vegetables with his parents starting at the age of 6.  After 30 years working at IBM in Rochester, MN, he decided to go back to his roots and spend much of his day tending to his garden.  Soon he realized he wanted to be able to share his passion with customers who would enjoy the bounty. 

Janice's passion for garlic came much later in life and grew from her desire to cook with garlic in just about every dish she created!  After a few years of cultivating her crops, she's now up to almost 1500 garlic bulbs.  Naturally, it's extended to shallot bulbs since they have the same growing and harvesting conditions.

In 2017, Mike and Janice decided to venture out on their own and Four Cats Farm was established.  Four Cats Farm is located in NE Rochester in a prime location near 48th Street NE and Broadway.  The grounds have been home to horses and are free from pesticides for as many years as we are aware: the soil is pristine!  (We know it's good soil because it is home to many worms and weeds grow as well as the vegetables) .  Thank you for joining us on this adventure.