Gourmet Garlic Available 2022

Most bulbs were initially purchased in 2013 as organic bulks from a West Coast specialty garlic grower.  Each year, we've nurtured the bulbs in a pesticide-free environment.  Our North east Rochester, MN farm is a converted horse pasture where we hand weed and tend to all our vegetables.

Whether you're looking for garlic to grow or for cooking your favorite meals, we have the right garlic for you with our large clove, easy-to-peel varieties.  The garlic will stay fresh for months to get you to the next growing season when stored in a cool, dark room.

Varieties Available:

Chesnok Red

Georgian Crystal

Northern White

Krasnodar Red (new in 2019)

German Porcelain (new in 2020)

Deerfield Purple (new in 2020)

Armenian (new in 2020)

Music (new in 2020)