First CSA Pickup In the Books!

First boxes ready to be filled

Garlic drying.  This is just one variety.

Sneak peek into one of the boxes

On Wednesday 7/18, we were thrilled to put together our vegetables for all CSA members. The best part is getting to know our customers and having the options of offering little extras of our bounty. Last week we were swimming in green beans and I don't see that stopping for awhile. I probably need to dig out the green bean recipes to catch up. I'll attach some pictures from last week.

The same day of the first CSA was our final garlic harvesting day. 1000 garlic removed from the ground and placed on racks for drying. We got out first glimpse of how big the garlic ended up and as usual, it is always a different variety that thrives year to year. All of them did great but the biggest bulbs were probably the Kilarney.

This Wednesday 7/25 is looking good. While the sweet corn and garlic aren't quite ready, we are monitoring them closely. The garlic is out of the ground so we are keeping it dry and cool to allow the final drying phase to set in for the next few weeks. The raccoons have discovered the sweet corn. We are keeping a close eye on it so we can pick what remains as soon as it is ready. Mike has planted multiple patches so hopefully even if the first sweet corn gets stolen, the second patch comes in when there is more selection for the raccoons from other fields and they will leave it alone.

In the meantime, look forward to more tomatoes and green beans and let us know what you think!