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8/01/18 CSA Boxes

It's August already and the veggies are piling up. Expect another big box of veggies this week. In addition to what you had last week, we will add in the first of the beets. We also have quite a few tomatoes coming in so get those tomato recipes ready!

The cucumbers are going crazy. If you're interested in pickling sized cucumbers, I can pick a big batch of small cucumbers for you, just let me know. At this point, we're having a tough enough time keeping up with the eating size so that will be on-demand. And if you know others looking for cucumbers, let us know.

As a reminder, when you pick up your box from the farm, you are welcome to grab some herbs from the herb garden or let us know if you would like to exchange any particular vegetable. Typically we will have extras available set out.

Week of 8/1/18 featured vegetables:

Potatoes (Red Norland)

Green and Yellow Beans (Blue Lake)

Zucchini (Variety - Black Beauty, Black Magic)

Yellow Squash (Variety)

Cucumbers (Diva and Straight 8s)

Green Peppers (King Arthur)

Tomatoes (Variety)

Carrots (Tendersweet)

Beets (Detroit and Purple)

Garlic (one of the 4 varieties)

Jalapenos (Standard)

Sweet Corn (not sure what we've got but we should have some to give out unless the raccoons have a party tonight)

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