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7/17/19 First CSA Boxes

Below is the email I sent to CSA members to describe our first boxes. A couple corrections/addendums...

1) I lied... we did manage to pick enough green beans for everyone to have a few.

2) While the first of you may have had some beautiful swiss chard as is shown in the picture, many of you found yours wilted pretty quickly. This was a failed experiment in storage, apologize for that! Maybe we'll be able to try it again when our Fall crop comes in.

I also managed to get some recipes out on the blog - enjoy!



7/17/19 email....

This morning we are picking vegetables for the boxes and getting ready to assemble. I thought I should send a note with some details as to what you'll be receiving this week.

The beans were not quite ready so we are skipping green beans until next week.

This week we have:

Garlic - Northern White variety. These early garlic are not for storage since they haven't cured yet. They will keep several weeks in the refrigerator but they just don't have their matured skin to keep long term. Some say they are not as strong tasting but I'm not sure I agree. Let us know what you think.

Baby Carrots - We have just a few baby carrots for each of you. Unlike the baby carrots you see in the store, these are truly early carrots. In the store, my understanding is they take big carrots and chop them up into baby carrots in many cases.

Zucchini - You will each get one or two zucchini depending on size. I expect this trend will continue.

Onions - We have some gorgeous white and red onions for each of you. Again, they aren't for long term storage.

Red Potatoes - You should all be able to enjoy red potatoes this week and hopefully create some yummy potato/onion/carrot/zucchini dishes.

Kale - Kale is great to make kale chips or to put into salads. We haven't explored too many other recipes yet so if you have a good one, feel free to share. Kale is extremely healthy!

Swiss Chard - We have a taste of this for you to try. It is a leafy green that is somewhere between Spinach and Kale. Try sautéing this with garlic or add to salads.

We've made Queso Fresco dip and Fresh Salsa when you stop at the barn. As always, the herb garden is available for picking. Hopefully it won't be storming at the time!

Thanks - see you soon

Janice and Mike


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