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2020 CSA Information

Our CSA filled quickly this year. I suspect many people are starting to appreciate the idea of their veggies grown locally and only touched by their farmer rather than going through the many hands it takes to get produce to a grocery store (not to mention the chemicals and such to keep the vegetables 'looking' good). It is also perhaps true that avoiding the big farmer's markets adds some comfort as well, but I still plan to attend as it feels like a tradition in Rochester worth preserving. I expect our garlic crops do well enough to have a booth a few times this summer as well.

The weather is also looking about as good as any Minnesota Spring ever does. Yes, we had some cold evenings recently, but that's to be expected in this part of the country. It won't be long before nights in the 30s is behind us for many months.

We've already been out in the fields quite often. Mike has planted lots of seeds and the herb garden is looking quite nice. The garlic is flourishing and will handle this frost as it always does - strong and sturdy.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures to remind us all that mother nature is alive and well.

Planting Onions 2020

The "Garage" garden

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