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2022 Farm Wednesdays!

Welcome to Spring 2022! We are changing things up a bit this season to be a bit nimbler towards your needs and allow us some additional flexibility on the farm as well.

We are working on a CSA "like" offering that allows more flexible options.

Each week, you can choose which vegetables you'd like, and how many of them, based on what is available individually priced (farmer's market style). It will be on a first come first serve basis, but if your work or other activities prevent you from getting there until later in the evening, we can try to accommodate. We will let you know which vegetables are plentiful and which vegetables are in short supply for that particular week.

There will still be a membership option of $100 to be paid at the start of the season.

As a member you will get:

  1. About 20% off your crop purchases (we may round down/up a bit, but we'll make it fair).

  2. Free pick-your-own lettuce/kale/herbs/green beans and other select vegetables (does not include strawberries)

  3. First chance at exclusive offers including first choice of garlic bulbs right out of the ground.

We will have a limited number of pre-built boxes for $25 ($20 for members) to be pre-ordered each week. The number of boxes and contents will be flexible based on crops for that week. We hope that encourages those of you that just want to get the "potluck" grab-and-go option can still do so. We will open up orders for that each Wednesday for the following Wednesday.

The barn will be open for purchases from 4:00-6:00pm Wednesday as we have done from previous seasons.

Question: I really like to have a box prepared for me, is that option available?

Answer: Let us know on the Wednesday before and we will make a box available for $25.

Question: I’m not interested in the $100 but would like the pick-your-own kale/lettuce/etc. option.

Answer: You can purchase this option as a non-member for $5.

Question: Will you still be having a pick-your-own strawberries?

Answer: You bet! The strawberries are looking good, and we expect a plentiful crop once again.

Question: How can I pay?

Answer: We prefer Venmo but there are multiple options: Venmo (, PayPal (, cash or check. Sorry, no credit cards.

Question: Can I bring friends and neighbors?

Answer: Absolutely!

We will keep you updated - the first peppers and tomatoes are planted and the garlic is peeking out!

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